Ultra 1 + skin prep

Set for tanning

Bodybuilding competition tan Jan Tana Ultra 1 will give your skin deep, dark, plain color. This Tan will easily emphasize the relief of your body and hide minor imperfections.
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Advantages of Jan Tana Ultra 1

How to use

Remove keratinized skin cells with the help of Body scrub Skin Prep. When the skin is cleared, you can begin tanning the body with Jan Tana Ultra 1 and special puff.

Pay attention! Apply tan in a single layer, immediately achieving shade you desire. Shade saturation depends on density of the layer.

What is competition tan and why is it needed?

Tan in bodybuilding is the final touch before going on the stage. Athlete needs to present himself on the stage in the best way possible and one element in doing that is to choose high-quality Tan, which defines and highlights Physique and make imperfections less noticeable. High-quality tan and professional tanning is half the battle in bodybuilding competition.

Why should you choose Jan Tana tan?

Jan Tana is an American company, which is considered to be a leader in the production of competition tanning products. Jan Tana Products prefer world's leading bodybuilders, among them are: Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and other multiple «Mr. Olympia» champions. Jan tana Tan is the only tan, which is officially permitted to use on IFBB competitions, which characterizes it as a premium-class product.

The other Tans

  • Other tans apply unevenly, forming spots and stains because of the usage of low quality ingredients
  • Dry slow
  • Stain clothes
  • After applying other tans, skin can get greenish shade, which becomes more noticeable in bright stage lighting
With Jan Tana You can be confident in Your success Jan Tana is the tan of the champions!

Jan Tana vs Other lower-quality Tan

So, have we persuaded You?

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How do I tan right?

Start using scrub 3-4 times a week before your competition to renew and refine the texture of the skin. DO NOT use deodorant or put anything else on your skin; it may raise your skins pH and change your competition color. On competition day use Jan Tana Skin Prep to exfoliate and neutralize the skin immediately before applying Jan Tana Ultra 1 Color.

Smooth Jan Tana Ultra 1 Color over skin with the tanning puff. Apply tan in a single layer, immediately achieving shade you desire. Shade saturation depends on density of the layer.

Why do I have an uneven tan?

There may be several reasons for that:
- too much Ultra 1 Color (max 60 ml);
- tan was applied on a wet skin;
- the skin was not entirely prepared (not enough use of Skin Prep);
- some areas of skin could be too dry and needed preliminary moisturizing.

How do I order Jan Tana products?

You can order Jan Tana products on this website by clicking on Buy now button or contact us over the phone +48 509-636-902 or via email admin@dm-group.pl

How do I pay for my order?

To pay for your order you will need to make a money transfer to a bank account: 62 1090 1102 0000 0001 2230 2310.

How do I get my order?

The parcel will be sent to you immediately after the money transfer is confirmed. Delivery is performed by USP. The buyer is charged for the delivery fee.